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Alcohol addiction is a type of illness which is the cause of changes in brain functions. As a result, it increases impulsive behaviour, negative emotions and decreases cravings. We are providing alcohol alcohol addiction treatment centre in Ludhiana, Punjab which is the best treatment for alcoholics. We treat alcoholic patients in the best possible manner.We treat the mental condition of the patient. We provide them with the best medical treatment and also help them to overcome the mental depression.


The drug is the curse of our society. Majority of the new generation is drug-addicted. The heavy dose of drugs can be the cause of mental and physical misbalance. Day by day they lose their energy power and get distracted from family members and drugs de-addiction treatment centre in Haryana. They become mentally depressed and frustrated and suffer many types of illness. Their nervous system becomes weak.Drug addiction is a complicated neurobiological problem. It is a kind of brain illness because it changes brain function.


Depression and anxiety top the list of the most common mental disorders affecting many people these days. Knowing about one’s mental health illness from a doctor can be extremely disappointing for the patient and the family. But there is always hope. We help you overcome your illnesses in the best possible way; here is treat best and most effective way. Our Hospital is the Best Mental Disorder Hospital in Punjab.


Detox treatment is a treatment process which removes toxic elements from our body. The treatment process is used for both alcohol and drug-addicted patients. It is the first treatment process for alcoholic patients when it comes to de-addiction. This treatment procedure is performed through counselling, medication and medical observation.Detoxification is a type of medical treatment. Counselling is a part of this type of treatment. Through it, a patient is able to overcome the addiction and drug abuse problems