• Village Rasulra, Post Office
    Khanna, Ludhiana - 141001
  • Summer 8AM to 6PM
    Winter 9AM TO 6PM
  • 9855021216

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do the centres allow visitors?

    Yes, visitors are allowed. It would be best to stay connected with family and friends as it is one of the crucial steps towards recovery. However, we recommend that you contact Jeewan Jot Nasha Chadau Punar Niwas Kendra to know the visitor policy.

  • Can you carry your phone and laptop?

    No. Using electronics can interfere with the progress, so it is necessary to stay away from distractions and focus on the recovery process.

  • Do de-addiction centres follow a strict confidentiality policy?

    Privacy is the utmost responsibility of these centres. The centres don't share the progress or reports with anyone without your permission. You can contact Jeewan Jot Nasha Chadau Punar Niwas Kendra to find out more about their confidentiality policy.

  • Are the staff reliable when it comes to monitoring my progress?

    Yes, all the staff members are well-trained and dedicated to provide the best service. In addition, they provide all the assistance needed during the rehab journey.